Facebook can bring us business when we post information that is:

Informative           Funny             Uplifting            Motivating                Tips/Ideas for life

Use HIGH impact topics
Saves people money, time
Cheap dates, local family activities, meals, tasty treats.
Seasonal ideas
Related to education for elementary
how to beat the health care system, what people are doing to get coverage

What's happening in your life?  What problem do you have that others might also have and will appreciate your post...
Ask a question for your FB Friends to give you ideas.  They will appreciate the comments in your posted questions.


Your facebook post should start with a question and include valuable information? 

  • Did you have an activity that made your Thanksgiving fun.  I'd like to hear about it.  Here's what we did...
  • What made you laugh today?  I'd like to hear about it.  This made me laugh...
  • I'd like to know what you love to make for Sunday dinner? Here's a family secret recipe we like...
  • Where do you like to eat that's under $10/plate.  We just ate at Bejing Buffet and liked it.
  • Are you self employed?  What do you do for health insurance?
  • What's a great idea for.......?